My Personal Helper Service​​
"Happy to Help you"
( Enjoy your lifestyle without worries )

  1. Personal Shopping & Errands
    Save your valuable time & reduce your stress! Let us do your errands & chores
    *Shopping and delivery of groceries, personal items *Home Improvements purchased, picked up and installed *Dry Cleaning-drop off/pick up * Laundry-wash & Fold, Pre-pack * Autos-hand wash (Vacuum , Interior) * Mail & packages - pick up/drop off *Referrals for Nanny/Babysitter/Caregivers/Handyman/Repair *Pharmacy prescriptions- Drop off/Pick up
  2. Household Services
    Improve your lifestyle – get healthy
    * Personal Cook- at your own kitchen, Prep, cook, and store Weekly Meals *Housekeeping- scheduled or on-call 24/7 (emergency help provided) *Organize Office- sort & organize papers, shredding junk mail. *Interior Decorating- Home Staging,- specializing in small spaced *Backyard, Garage & Driveways Clean up-Organize and create space *Home Improvements-Small Repairs *Garden & Lawn-watering, debris removal
  3. Pet Pampering
    We cater for small dogs only ! ( 30 lbs or less)
    * Dog Walking & Dog SItting / Feeding schedule *Dog Wash & Dry ( eco-friendly, caring wash) *Dog theme Birthday Planner-Decorating party *Dog reservations- Events & Shows
  4. Appointments & Reservations
    Online Shopping, Events ticketing, Setting up appointments, Hotels & Restaurants Reservations.Recommending & Search Top Reviews
    * Hotels Reservations-Checklist for hotel reservations,,Making special arrangements( Early Check in or late check out,parking. *Restaurant & Banquets-Reservations,Menu,hours of operation. *Flight Reservations-checklist for flight reservations,Inquiring about flights and fares.Duration,departure,arrival,,requesting Seating arrangements,ordering special meal,confirming reservartions. *Autos & Boat Rental-Reservations,Search for lowest rate offer *Event warehouse rental - for Big parties,negotiate prices *Appointment,Reschedule,Cancelling-Doctor,Dentist,Car mechanic,Hair stylish,Cable,Phone company,Business appointments,
  1. Party Planner & Cordination
    Theme Party Planner, Decoration experts
    * Adult Parties- -- Special Theme decorations * Children Parties -Special theme decorations * Holidays & special Occasions parties- planner & decorations * Pet parties- for dog special occasions decorations. *Waitress & waiters available for your special party *Menu planning and preparation
  2. Going out of Town?
    Let us take the worry out of out-of- town travel.
    *Mail pick-up, sorting and management *House-sitting for long stays *Landscape management – watering, trimming, etc. *Security system management *Notifications of problems or issues while you are away
  3. Fancy Foot Pamper
    Treat your feet with extra love & attention
    *Foot Bath Aroma therapy- with essentials oils *Treatment for sweaty, tired & aching feet, athlete’s foot fungus, * Foot Spa Massage -with organic oils,lotions,gels ( at your request) *Foot scrub treatment- exotic scents organic herbs & beads *Black Stone-Healing with hot or cold stone. *Foot Massage machine
  4. Family & Friends
    Focus on your inner circle
    * New Friends - working out, special events companionship *Old friends, stay in touch, re-connect * Seniors- caregivers & companionship *Gift planning, reminders, delivery *Children- babysitting, outings, excursions, and homework